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Fastest growing online platform:

> 48,000 subscribing members

> 55,500 social media fans

> 50,000 web traffic

Attract customers in your neighbourhood!

With just a single click, your potential customers can view your location using our Location Search Map (LSM).

Faster, easier and wider reach to customers in nearby vicinity using EFY’s LSM.

Create branding with EFY customized icon

Be visible and catch your customer’s eyes instantly by placing your logo on EFY. Works wonders for branding!

Provide directions to potential customers

Your listings on EFY’s LSM will enable visitors to have better information on how to get to your business location.

360 degree Street View gives crystal clear direction to potential customers

Not just Map view or Directions, EFY also provides a 360 degree view of your street. How cool is that!

Get Leads from EFY

The availability of Contact Information and Contact Form on your listings enable potential customers to contact your business directly.

Viewership Statistics

Get immediate statistics on how many people viewed your page on the same page itself. Totally hassle-free!

Recommend other listings from your business account

With EFY, feature the best of your listings just below your name while enabling cross-selling of all your listings.

Get people to share your listings

EFY enables your business listings to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, PinInterest and even WhatsApp!

Stand Out From Competition! Shout Out To Customers with EFY!

For a minimal fee, EFY offers the “Featured Listing”, which allows your business to be placed on the Home Page.

On top of that, your listing will appear first on all search results under the category you have chosen, regardless of what customers search for in that particular category.

Get a Business Accounts for
RM 1 a day now!

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Fill up the downloaded form.


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